Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Pruning Idea needed

Hello all,
My hibiscus (the queen) is outgrowing my balcony(Actually it is not but it is getting too tall).. I has almost reached 6 ft and I need to keep it short. I see it being less productive also now as you can see from the picture. Can I get suggestions for pruning from my blogger friends? Other ideas are also welcome.


Anonymous said...

I live in the US and have to bring in the plants during the snowy winter months. I have resorted to mercilessly cutting it down to about 1-2 feet from the root otherwise they harbor all kinds of bugs which infect my tulsi and other plants. So far they seem to be happy with this kind of attention. I had the same straggly problem when in the early days I would just bring them in and not chop them down. Not sure how it would do anywhere else.


Autumn Belle said...

I prune my hibiscus short and to shape it. Prunning gives the plant more volume and encourage blooming. Flowering dependes on amount of sunlight. Hibiscus likes the full sun, enough water and also apply fertilizer once a fortnight.

Natti, it's been awhile since I visited your blog. Hope you are getting on fine. Have a happy weekend!

Asha Ram said...

Lovely blog! I think the plant needs sunlight. Have you tried keeping the plant in sunlight for a while everyday, and then moving it back on to the balcony?

Natti said...

Thanks Asha.
These guys get about 4 hours of sunlight with 2 hours of direct sunlight everyday. I think I ignored this plants foliage as it was flowering well. However, the branches were just growing long. Pruning helped and I got good growth on this plant.