Tuesday, April 26, 2011


What I would ideally like to do is to catalog all the Gulmohur trees in Indiranagar. There are so many of them. Each one looking so different and so beautiful. So next week I will try to capture as many pictures of the Gulmohurs as possible and post them on the blog. If I remember the location( I do not have those snazzy phones that can track location) and post it and you can find it if you are in Bangalore. Hopefully I am able to capture their magic in digital form. Meanwhile here are some pictures to enjoy. If you can tell me the names of some of these trees that would be wonderful. And I am definitely expecting replies from the tree expert @ Trees, Plants and More

 And btw, the pigeon, before it took flight

The beautiful Rain Tree... A sight to see especially from a higher point say a few floors high. The spread of green and beautiful shade of red/pink on the flowers is just amazing. The tree spreads itself over a large diameter and has such beautiful branching.
All pictures are of Rain Trees from 100ft Road Indiranagar, Bangalore

The flowers of the Rain Tree

Rain tree flanked by a flowerless gulmohur in front.

 Trying to capture the beauty of the colors.

 And finally the brances and its majestic cover.

Are these Cherry Blossom?
Found close to the 12th Main/100ft Rd Junction @ Indiranagar while moving towards 100ft road from 80 ft road.

 And what are these?
These were from the tree on a cross road on 12th Main

Common Tree but what is it called?

Hopefully I get some pictures of Gulmohur for my next post before they lose their flowers.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Back after a while

Summer heat is picking up in Bangalore and flowers are going crazy on the trees by the roadside. I have not been writing for a while. My trip to Austin was successful and once I got back the first week the was fully jet lagged. Could not get out of bed at all. Then a period of unbelievable laziness followed. No muscle was moved without there being an absolute requirement :). Some important decisions to be made and life moves on.
The gulmohurs have started blooming in Bangalore (I noticed this a couple of weeks back). One pigeon baby had gone missing right after I left for the US and the other one has now flown away. Will update pictures soon. Plants are doing well and my Neem Bonsai has completely revamped itself. All old branches have fallen and replaced by new ones. And I am getting back on my toes and started giving attention to plants and hence the blog. Got some interesting feedback on the rose pruning from Rough.Rosa whose blog on roses is so good.
This is a no picture post and will be uploading once the muscles move to transfer them from the camera to the  computer.