Monday, February 14, 2011

The Pigeon Chronicles

I am a regular reader of "Trees Plants & More". Recent posts have been about "The pigeon saga" where she has been posting about a pigeon's nest in her balcony. It was really exciting to get updates regularly and to see how the pigeons were doing. In an amazing coincidence I noticed some twigs lying in our large windowsill early last week. While at home, I also noticed a pigeon adding twigs to the stack over there. I was really excited and realized what I could see soon. As expected an egg came and soon a pigeon was sitting on it. All at home are waiting in anticipation to see the young one.

Quality of photos is a little bad as I am taking it from behind a glass. Do not want to disturb the pigeons by opening the window. Will try to get better pictures once the young ones are seen and the parent pigeons are not around.


ROUGH.ROSA said...

Hi! Came across your blog. Very interesting posts u have. U're lucky to hv a pigeon nesting at ur place. Since I live very close to the city, pigeons rarely can be seen. Some folks buy pigeons and build birdhouses just to get them to be in their gardens. Urs naturally like ur place :)

Arati said...

i look forward to tracking the progress! :)

Autumn Belle said...

Birds starting a family in your cosy home. How nice and what a wonderful experience it will be.

Natti said...

Hi Autumn Belle,
Yep. Have another recent pic. Looks like the eggs will take about 2.5 weeks to hatch. Will be posting more pics soon.