Friday, January 28, 2011

Pest Question

Any idea what these are. They look like small round half spheres that are stuck to the branch of my hibiscus. I noticed some bud drop recently and while looking closer to investigate found these guys all over the trunk. Dont know what they are doing there and if that was causing the bud drop.

Any help is appreciated.


Bom said...

So sorry Natti. I cannot help you ID your bugs.

Malathi said...

Break these shells and see if there is a little snail underneath. My friend had a similar problem with her fig tree, and they turned out to be snails. There are several strong chemical solutions to get rid of this, however, if you want to go organic, there is one available in lalbagh for the same..can you get you the name.

Natti said...

Hi Malathi,
These are really small about a few mm in dia. But would help if you can get me the name of that organic solution. It may help with other pests. I have not used anything other then neem oil to control pests so far.
How are the hibiscus growing? I have an interesting post on the hibiscus coming up soon.

Grower Jim said...

They are scale insects. They hide under a hard shell and suck the life out of your plant. If you scrape one off and squeeze it, you'll see the moist insect body squish out. If there are many of them, they could cause leaf and bud drop. I'd scrape off as many as possible, and then spray the stems with an insecticidal soap, or other mild insecticide.

Natti said...

Hi Jim,
That is exactly what I was looking for. I have already scraped them off one by one. Thanks a lot.

noel said...


jim is correct those are scale..good job on taking them off...this is my first time on your your posts on your roses their wonderful

Natti said...

Hi Noel,
Thanks for visiting. Growing roses has been a good learning experience. I guess it will take me a couple of more seasons to learn more about these flowers.

Ishrath said...

Try spraying turmeric water solution for little bugs. Im not a fan of chemicals et al. Else there is some remedy with neem leaves paste.