Friday, December 10, 2010

Travel Plans to Singapore and Malaysia

The end of the year has been very busy. The weather also has been very cold and various strains of common cold spreading around. Garden has been last on the list with time at office being highest on the priority list. We have been planning a vacation to Singapore & Malaysia and I will be travelling from the 14th. Most of the time will be in Singapore and we will reach Malaysia on the 21st. Just two days in KL before returning home. Hoping to see the orchid gardens in Singapore and the popular insect farm in Malaysia. Will update pictures once we get back from the trip.


GoodEarth said...

Hope there is some one to look after your balcony garden, in your absence... :)

Natti said...

Yes sir Mr. Goodearth. Have definitely taken care of that aspect.
Would definitely not want a dried out balcony once I get back from the trip.

Autumn Belle said...

Welcome to Malaysia. Wishing you a pleasant and smooth journey and Happy Holidays!

TIP Homes said...

Hi Natti

Fabulous blog. Have featured it on mine as part of a garden blogger feature