Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

A snippet of what is to come in the first post for next year.

Happy New Year !!!!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Singapore Orchids

So we got back from our wonderful trip to Singapore and Malaysia last weekend. It was hectic as we wanted to cover as much as possible but was worth it. The one thing that amazed me about Singapore was the amount of greenery on the roads and surrounding areas. The second thing(actually the most impressive thing) was how orchids were growing in Singapore. Any place you go to, they have orchids in display. Just like we have chrysanthemums or roses bunches here in India, the Singaporeans have orchids instead. I never expected this in the trip and was completely awed by the display of these beautiful flowers.
We were just wowed by the variety. I have always been impressed by the orchids and wanted to try growing them here. Never started off as it would be pretty expensive to begin with. I also do not know the quality of the plants that they sell at some of the local nurseries. Just last week, a fellow Indian blogger had written about Orchids in her garden. Now that is very interesting and coincidental. It is like a message from the flowers saying that I need to start growing them here. Not sure how they will handle the Bangalore weather though. Let us see. I got to see only a small section of the garden due to lack of time and energy. It was a hot and humid day. So the number of pictures are limited. Please do click and see the full size pictures to enjoy the beauty of the orchids.

One of the most impressive displays of Orchids was at the Changi airport which we saw when we were leaving Singapore. Unfortunately I did not capture good enough photos to be put on display here. Thankfully, our orchid master has some pictures of the Airport Orchids here. 

Friday, December 10, 2010

Travel Plans to Singapore and Malaysia

The end of the year has been very busy. The weather also has been very cold and various strains of common cold spreading around. Garden has been last on the list with time at office being highest on the priority list. We have been planning a vacation to Singapore & Malaysia and I will be travelling from the 14th. Most of the time will be in Singapore and we will reach Malaysia on the 21st. Just two days in KL before returning home. Hoping to see the orchid gardens in Singapore and the popular insect farm in Malaysia. Will update pictures once we get back from the trip.