Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Gardening A Game

There seems to be an interesting game that is helping find fellow bloggers. I have a long list of blogs that I am following in my blogroll list. I have more on my google reader. Probably forty blogs that I am followingon my reader. Anyway going to the details of the game, I should list of "10 things I enjoy doing" and "list 10 other bloggers to join this game. I was invited to this game by "J.C from http://mysunnyhappygarden.blogspot.com/ from Malaysia" and "Denise from http://denisenoniwa.weebly.com/ from the Netherlands through Blotanical". Here is the list....not is any specific order

1. I love Hibiscus flowers. I love to grow them and experiment with their growth. I have around six different  varieties/colors of hibiscus in my balcony. I am finding out that I have more fun with flowering plants than vegetables ones. However, I would love to own a piece of land where I can cultivate various types of vegetables.

2. I like to repot my plants, I love the texture of cocopeat and comopost and enjoy handling them while repotting my plants.

3. I love to spend time with family. Just relax at home especially with my sweet little son.

4. I really enjoy watching Rajni movies. The latest being Endhiran. You can find out more about it on the internet and in my other blog

5. I enjoy taking a long drive to any place.

6. I love to take pictures of Trees around the city.

7. I enjoy looking at the different balcony gardens that people have around Bangalore.

8. I love to work continuously for 3 days without sleep.

9.  I would really like to be able to help people set up gardens(especially balcony gardens) in their homes and also help them maintain them.

10. Most of all I love to find new information on the internet everyday on gardening tips .

I invite the following bloggers to join this game.

A truly inspiring set of bloggers who are inspring many folks in India to grow vegetables in containers and at home
1. GG - Bangalore, India
2. Raja Panda - Bangalore, India
One of my most favorite balcony garden bloggers
3. Sue Swift - Milan, Italy
Pictures speak a thousand words. A very informative blog with flowers and associated names.
4. Trees, Plants and more... - Bangalore, India
Another wonderful gardening blog
5. Terra farmer - Bangalore, India
I really wonder how many different plants Jim has
6. Garden Adventures - Jim from the US.
7.Dhara the Earth - Delhi, India
8.The Urban Gardener - Mumbai, India
9. Good Earth - Bangalore India
Not really a gardening blog but a nice one on design
dressyourhome - Bangalore, India

The rule of this game is to:
1) Inform who invite you
2) What are the 10 things you like to do
3) Invite another 10 other bloggers


GoodEarth said...

Nice little game :) Thanks a lot Natti, for inviting me.

Shud we just invite 10 other bloggers or specifically those who are into gardening?

Natti said...

Hi GoodEarth,
I think we should invite other folks also. Maybe this will help them get into gardening...

pavi said...

Am proud of my husband for his dedication towards gardening


J.C. said...

It's great to learn more about another fellow gardening blogger.

What amaze it is you like to work continuously for 3 days without sleep? Wow..I had done that during peak working period but I can't wait for those long working hours to be over as soon as possible! And it's nice to learn that you love to help others set up balcony garden.

Anonymous said...

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Parashuram D said...

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City Flowers said...

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http://mrsroofgardener.blogspot.in/ said...

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