Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Difficult Dahlias

I love to grow flowering plants in containers. The amount of color they add to the surroundings is just amazing. I love to tend to them and watch their different stages of bloom. I have listed out a lot of the flowering plants in my blog under the label "Plants from my Balcony". Most of my flowers can be commonly found in many gardens.
I have been writing a series on Easy Maintenance Garden EMG to get more people who are interested in having flowers in their balconies/gardens but are not sure what to get. Starting with these flowers can help in developing more interest in gardening and slowly you will realize that you are becoming an expert at choosing your flowers and plants. Hopefully more people read the EMG series and put more plants in their garden. As with nature and the law of opposites, there is also plants that are not so easy to maintain.
One of the plants that I am having lot of difficulty with are the Dahlias. I love the variety of flowers that the plant can provide. The plants are a little flimsy but the flowers they produce are just beautiful. I structure of the flower has such elegance about it, such pattern and such color. The first time I saw it in a nursery, I wanted to get it. However, after a few weeks, I noticed some whitish patterns on the leaves. Before I knew it the plant stopped producing flowers and died. I thought I would do better growing Dahlias from seeds. Well, the seeds did sprout and the plants did grow. But after a few flowers, the plants are now looking weak and slowly I can see them fading away. I feed them with sufficient nutrition, and water them well. I do not allow the soil to be wet for long as I read about Dahlias not liking wet feet. But something is not right. Would appreciate feedback from those who have been successful at growing Dahlias. Would like some help?

Meanwhile enjoy pictures of some Dahlias I had earlier.


pavi said...

Develop ur gardening kno-how to include dahlias too. Would be lovely to have one or two of them in our garden.

Natti said...

Thanks dear. Next season we will definitely try to get these on the list.

Anonymous said...

just came across your blog. I live in the US and buy dahlia bulbs to grow them.