Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Vegetables at work

I mean literally. I work in this nifty campus in East Bangalore. One of my first observations on entering the campus was that they have a nice herb garden and vegetable garden. There is one section of the real estate that is dedicated to grow edible stuff. This is a small portion compared to the size of the building, but this is the first time I am seeing this anywhere in Bangalore. Till about a few months back I was always of the impression that vegetables are grown on the ground. Never considered container grown vegetables seriously till I started garden last November. I was also surprised to see a lot of fellow bloggers growing there own vegetables. Some of them in balconies smaller than what I have here. Anyway since I have been more of a flower person(wife plays a big role here), my balcony is filled with flowering pots. I am just seed starting some vegetables and hopefully will have some content in the next few months that I can write about.
Coming to the point of this post, the facility management takes good care of the garden in the office and grow different variety of vegetables every quarter. Once they yield well, they replace them with other seeds. When I joined, the vegetable garden was full of tomatoes. Now the dominant vegetable is the Ladies Finger(Okra). Some pictures that I clicked recently.

Ladies Finger(Okra)

The flower from the Ladies Finger
Looks very much like the Hibiscus while it is opening
The ladies finger at various stages of growth
Radish(Absolutely beautiful foliage)
Close up of the radish growth(I think almost ready for harvest)
Closeup of the beans(long type)
Capsicum flowering (Corrected by GoodEarth)
Pomegranate(I am growing this at home too), check it out
Another variety of ladies finger(leaves are much thinner, may be better for container gardening)
What is this one? Any ideas?
Guava (Blur Ting's observation)


Blur Ting said...

Wow, so nice to have a sprawling garden like this! The last one looks like a guava plant.

Natti said...

Hi Blur Ting,
Thanks for visiting. It is actually about a few hundred sq ft only. Also it is in my office not mine :(. But always nice to see in the afternoons when I go out for a walk.

GoodEarth said...

Woww! veggie garden at office?!thats splendid!! East Blore? anywhere on the Sarjapur-Outer ring road??

the last one is definitely a young guava plant. and a small correction - the close up shot u've presented is actually that of capsicum, not beans :)
im a huge capsicum fan, can't stand it being misrepresented :)

have been following ur posts regularly, quite interesting - esp ur easy-maintenance gardening!

Natti said...

Hi GoodEarth,
Old Madras Road.

Thanks for the catch. I went down and double checked. My bad... I have updated it in my blog. I also follow your blog on reader. Have the tomatoes(accidental ones) fruited..

Anonymous said...

Loved going through the pics of the office veggie garden. Wow, the okra looks great. And I find the blooms so pretty. For lack of space I'm into container gardening too but oh....to have space like that would be a blessing!

Natti said...

Hi Kanak,
I would love to have a big plot of land where I can grow the veggies too. I am trying out some container vegetables now. Will update once I get some harvest.

J.C. said...

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J.C. said...

Hi, I am growing radish too. But never seem to know when is the time to harvest. How do you tell that it's time to harvest a radish? Would you know?

Natti said...

Still learning to grow vegetables in containers. Not been very successful yet. Not sure when to harvest radishes.

Anonymous said...

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