Saturday, September 4, 2010

Losing plants

Last week was relatively easy time with the plants. Could not focus on them much due to poor health. Fortunately they did not need much watering as the Bangalore weather was fine. I would just need to spray hard over the soil before going to work and once in the evenings as their was sufficient rains in the afternoons. The unpredictability in the weather though resulted in the loss of three of my plants. The dark clouds vanished one day and I found out to my dismay that my dwarf dahlia, zinnia, a double hibiscus sapling and another dahlia that I have been growing from seed drooped significantly by evening. I watered it well immediately but couldnt find much improvement in its condition. I kept it around for a week with special care for these guys, but the plants just kept getting worse. This is the maximum number of plants that I have lost in one go and that too due to lack of care. I guess this is one of the facts of gardening that we have to accept. Just getting used to watering in this season that has unpredictable rains and sunshine.


radha said...

I had a balcony garden too. And then some of the plants grew too big for the pot and the problem started. So now I restrict myself to admiring them from the balcony, since the neighbour's plot has a lovely garden and they take such good care.
Thanks for dropping by at my blog.

Natti said...

Hi Radha,
Plants will definitely outgrow the pots at some point. I plan to keep them small through pruning and when it grows beyond control, I plan to give them away. Hopefully, if I have seeds from these big ones I will grow them from scratch again.

India Gardening said...

I really envy all those of you living in Bangalore...
The climate
Other GOvt. farms
Easy access to other Garden-related stores and bloggers
I am in an island!