Friday, September 10, 2010

EMG: Periwinkle

The periwinkle is the plant that requires least care in my balcony. The care produce ratio for this is very high. Minimum care, but very good results. I have not attended to it for soil improvement (compost) or flowering agents for nearly the last 45 days. All it needs is its quota of water, but it has been doing really well. It is in a 6 inch pot and I have restricted its growth to less that a foot in height. Currently it has around 10 flowers at any point in time. I think this will make very good border plants. You can find it in most nurseries here in Bangalore. It comes in various colors. My first one and the most common one is the beautiful shade of pink.Pruning is not required frequently and that too minimal when required. You can prune down the oddly growing branch to give better shape to the plant.  The flowers are not the only beautiful part of the plant, even the foliage, the shape of the leaves and its color and texture are so nice. This plant does well in both shade and sunlight. However, it requires atleast a couple of hours of sunlight a day for it to flower well. Just make sure the soil has good drainage and you have a beauty that you have to water everyday and that is all. If you have the time, adding compost and flowering mix every couple of months will help the growth of the plant. Oh, before I forget, this is one plant with which I have not had any pest problems so far.

This is definitely a great addition to the easy maintenance garden balcony.

 This is a plant at a petrol bunk on the way back home from office. Amazing foliage and flowers.

 This is a new color that I got recently.


J.C. said...

Beautiful periwinkles you have there. I have tried to grow a pot of periwinkles but it seems to grow very slowly. Probably some fertilizers may help to speed up its growth. It doesn't has any bloom yet.

Natti said...

Hi J.C.
I use the FlowerGard Rose mix that we get here in locally. How much sun does your periwinkle get? It flowers very well with direct sunlight.

$$ said...

Wow Natti... you have put your heart and soul into gardening! Absolutely gorgeous!
So, when is the "Green party"?! :)

Now, I am ashamed to even look at the almost dried plants in my balcony! :(