Thursday, September 16, 2010

And lo and behold

My garden springs a surprise on me.
Two events:
1.I started setting this garden up in November/December 2009. That is when we moved into our home. The orange hibiscus has been one of the hardiest and most productive plants in my balcony. It was also the first one we bought for the balcony.
2. Sometime in April.... We give our son pomegranate juice in the mornings during summer time. I juice the pomegranate seeds in the blender, this extracts all the liquid/gel out, then filter the seeds and give the juice to my son. I usually eat the seeds that remain in the filter.( I love pomegranates)
How are these two events related? Read on...

One day, I was on the phone in the balcony, with the ground seeds in one hand and phone in the other. I absent mindedly put some seeds into the hibiscus pot thinking they will decompose soon and act as manure. I forgot about this after that day.

A couple of weeks later I noticed some growth at the base of the hibiscus plant. I was under the assumption they were weeds and left them for cleaning over the weekend. Fast comes the weekend and time for de-weeding. To my surprise, this "weed" was not there in any other pot. Only this one pot with the hibiscus plant. Again I left the "weeds" there. Some weeds can give interesting flowers(post later).

The "weeds" kept growing and suddenly I was reminded of this phone conversation/seeding that I had done some weeks earlier. I just could not contain the excitement realizing that I had done. Could it be possible that my pomegranate seeds that underwent all the torture through the blender managed to germinate? Am I growing pomegranate in my home? This was just awesome. Laptop opens up immediately and google starts getting queries on pomegranate leaf shape. And lo and behold, there stood my pomegranate plant, intertwined with the base of the orange hibiscus. I also had a visiting friend confirm that they were indeed pomegranate saplings. Once that was confirmed, I let them grow till I felt they were strong enough to be pulled out without affecting either their root or the hibiscus plant(my wifes favorite). Now this one sits in its own pot with a few saplings planted together. I think I will try to make a Bonsai out of one of them. The others, I need to figure out some space to grow a small tree in the balcony.

Hopefully, I will be able to make pomegranate juice few seasons from now from a home grown tree.

Enjoy some pics of the pomegranate and hibiscus together. I still do not pics of the separate pomegranate plant. Will upload it over the weekend.


Anonymous said...

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Autumn Belle said...

I'm sure the germination of this promegranate plant is a good omen. It seems to be sharing the flower pot with hibiscus plant? It is better to transplant them to separate ports as both plants need the space of one flower pot to grow.

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