Monday, September 20, 2010

African Tulips

After the season of Gulmohurs, it is time for the African Tulip to paint the skyline in Bangalore orange. I will be visiting Chennai this weekend and will find out if these trees are coloring the city there too. These are much bigger than the gulmohur. The shape of the flower is very interesting. They have a beautiful claw like the eagle that holds the beautifully shaped flower. These also carpet the ground with their colors. As usual I found these all throughout Bangalore. I had to attend a function on the other side of Bangalore and found these everywhere.
Next thing to do is to wait for the seeds.


Jamie said...

Hi Natti, thanks for visiting my blog. I love those African tulip trees. It's too cool here in Sydney to grow them, so every time I visit the tropics they're a treat to see in bloom.

Grower Jim said...

I love the African Tulip trees but it gets a little too cold here for them. About 200 miles south of here you can see lots of them planted in landscapes.

Natti said...

Hi Jim,
Yes these are replacing the Gulmohurs now. I am assuming that they will last another month or two over here.

Anonymous said...

Hi I have the African tulip right in front of my balcony and it has started blooming with d winter in Mumbai. Its a delight to see d bloom and birds like parrots feast on it early morning.. Umesh