Saturday, August 14, 2010

Lalbagh Flower Show

I too went to Lalbagh's indenpendence day flower show on Saturday. This is the first time in my six years in Bangalore that I am going to the flower show. Lalbagh sets up the garden with color all over the place with various varieties of flowers. Surprisingly there were also a large number of container grown vegetables on display. This was the best part of my trip to the park. I also got an idea of the size of pots that I will be needing to grow various vegetables. There was this one part of the trip where I just wanted to stop and stare for a looong time. That deserves a separate blog post. Let me stop writing and share the pictures from the visit.





Arati said...

that is indeed a great picture of the salvia border!
i completely missed seeing the vegetable/fruit/bonsai display at lalbagh! have to wait for next year now..

Natti said...

Hi Arati,
You having missed a a section of Lalbagh comes as a surprise to me. I think you have the most comprehensive pictures of Lalbagh amongst the bloggers. Following your blog everyday. Thanks for stopping by.