Thursday, August 19, 2010

Lalbagh Flower Show - The one where I stopped in my tracks

I posted some pictures from the Lalbagh flower show here. Along with the flower show comes a lot of commercial activity inside of Lalbagh. Many stalls selling garden equipment, garden tools and seeds. Nurseries selling plants. My friends from the Jeevan Bhima Nagar Nursery were also there. I frequently visit this nursery just to visit, get materials and obviously the plants. There was this one stall/nursery/display that I walked to as the crow flies as soon as I saw the signage. Being too excited to look at what was inside I ended up not getting good photographs. However, the one below shows what I am talking about.


Yes, there was this beautiful Bonsai show that was going on by these group of people from Eden Flora. If you look closely below the plastic containers you can see their signage. They had exhibits of various sizes of Bonsai trees. It was so impressive. The one that really caught my attention was the one below. I spoke about it in another post, but when I saw it there I just stopped in my tracks. The Bonsai Gulmohur.

Flowering season is over now. But just imagine the umbrella of red/orange enveloping the tree top. Just an amazing sight. Now one might wonder why I did not bring this guy back home. Well if you want it you better hold your breath, it costs a whopping Rs. 12000. It is probably worth that much but I definitely cannot invest that amount right now without knowing how to maintain the Bonsai. Even otherwise that is a big hit on the purse. So all I can do is to look at these pictures and hope I get to grow one of these sometime later.

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