Thursday, August 12, 2010

EMG: My first harvest

Well, this may sound very naive but I am very excited about the first harvest from my garden. What do I mean by harvest. Anything that I grow from my garden and eat/drink on regular basis. I know the tomatoes and capsicum will take its own sweet time. So to hurry things up I tried wheat grass. And here is my first harvest.

All you need to do is buy some wheat from the local store. Soak about 40-50 seeds overnight and immerse them into the soil, about a centimeter down. In two days shoots will be visible and within a week you will have your first harvest of wheat grass. Cut it 1 centimeter above the soil and let it produce the next growth within a week. Clean the cut grass and use a mixie(ok blender) for the juice. Filter and drink the juice. It tastes grassy(wonder why). Wheat grass juice is supposedly very healthy and all nutrional facts can be found through google.

Though I have grown the first lot purely for harvesting purpose, I am seriously considering adding it in a nice square container in some corner of the room for adding some color. Growing wheat grass requires no maintenance and provides you with a healthy option. It is definitely belongs to the EMG category. Try it and let me know what you thought about the juice.

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