Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My first SMALL project

I have been fascinated by the world of Bonsai. It is a very involved form of gardening. Will definitely take a lot of time and effort to make things small :).
One variety of Bonsai I wanted was the Gulmohur. Imagine the red carpet of flowers growing in your Bonsai garden.

Image Source: EBAY

Tried to start the gulmohur from seeds, but was not at all successful in getting it to germinate. The seed's coating istoo hard. Where did I find seeds for the Gulmohur? Bangalore is full of these trees and you should be able to find fallen pods on the roadside almost anywhere. I found mine in Indiranagar. I did not soak the seeds last time and will be trying again one more time soon after soaking for 48 hours. However it looks like the Bonsai will take many years to develop from seed. So, now I am looking on the roadsides for a sapling that can be Bonsai'ed within a shorter time.
The other variety that I was looking at was the Cassia(Red or Yellow). Same case, seeds are too hard and I did not soak them. When I was looking for saplings for this one, a watchman who was curious to know what I was doing spending so much time on the roadside near his house, found one for me in the home he worked in.  Next day I was back with a pot and soil to his surprise. He did not realize how serious I was.
I was also really wanting to learn the art of Bonsai ASAP. Did not want to let this sapling grow beyond a point where I could not make it into a Bonsai. Here are some pictures of the sapling.

And here is a picture of the mother tree.

Wish I had a better one. (picture that is)

This is what I am expecting the tree to look like(smaller version ofcourse) in some time.
Cassia Roxburghii

Some close up views of the flower.

After a lot of googling and questions some blogger friends, I finally found out about Sunshine Garden Botique.

They have a large collection of Bonsai, Bonsai accessories and pots and decorative items for the garden and home. They also conduct two day course on the art of growing Bonsai. Not sure if it is going to be enough, but am sure will be a decent starting point. They have classes in the middle of July. Will hopefully be able to attend it. Will keep updating on the growth of this sapling and its way to being Bonsai'ed.(fingers crossed)

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