Friday, June 4, 2010

Ya Right!

Ya Right!!

I was thinking about the name of this blog(which I never gave a thought to while creating it).
Am I really doing something to reduce my carbon footprint? or is it just that I am also part of the hype.
I drive a 4 wheeler to work. (Personal reasons require me to drive it, but I do carpool with my wife on my way back home) - Need to change this
I use minimum amount of water while bathing and avoid wasting water during brushing, washing etc.
I still use plastic bags if I have nothing when I go to the store. However I carry a cloth/paper bag with me almost 90% of the time. Unfortunately some stores do not allow you to carry your bags inside.
Most of the items we buy are still wrapped in plastic. That is something which I am trying to get control over by getting it from stores which sell stuff in loose.
I have lots and lots of plants in the house. So that is increasing the greenery. Thunbs up.
I mostly try to use water from the Kitchen which is left over after washing the vegetables etc for watering the plants. Thumbs up
I always use only lights I need and switch off as soon as I leave a room.
There are so many other areas where I can try to improve and am looking for opportunities/avenues for changing and reducing the CO2 footprint.

By the way, tomorrow is World Environment Day. To me that is just a hoax. Maybe it increases the awareness but at what cost. Flyers which are made from high quality paper and laminated used for creating the awareness. Badges, and other marketing gadgets from companies.
Seriously how are we helping reduce the carbon footprint by doing all this.

Tomorrow is World Environment Day. Great we are creating more awareness about the environment. Wonderful. I am really happy for that.

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