Tuesday, June 22, 2010


The first time I saw these flowers I had no idea what these were. So dumb. I mean the simplest of flowers. My office building had about 200sqft of landscaping just filled with these wonderful flowers.  When you look at them from above or from the sides, they just grab your attention.

So I got my long time friend come down from office all the way from office and tell me what it was. He is an engineer but a biology major in his XIIth grade.Well, "Dude, these are lilies man. You dont know this".
Me was blank. Anyway I went out and tried to look for lilies on the internet but only got images of the exotic ones that they give out in florists. Surprisingly, during my visit to the nursery the next weekend I found these beautiful flowers just ready for me to buy. So got myself a bulb and drove back home happily. Bangalore weather has been extremely friendly to these flowers with the rains visiting almost everyday. These are extremely easy to maintain . Just add water everyday and hope caterpillars dont attack these plants. Also give them some sunlight and these guys will just bloom like crazy. I noticed that some blooms close in the night and open back up in the morning. 

Initially it had about 2-3 blooms at any point in time.
Once the rains came, these guys got really wild. Minimum of three blooms a day to a maximum of 10 at a time. They make the balcony look beautiful. I placed these close to the white pentas and that corner of the balcony turned into the peace region. I noticed the trend. It was raining and these lilies were blooming so the engineer in me made me do the obvious. Google. Rain + lilies and voila I get beautiful images of the exact kind of flowers I have. So these area rain lilies or "Crocus". I was so glad to have found the information. Once you get to know the actual names of the flowers you have it feels so good.

And finally the pink flowers from Lalbagh.

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saj said...

Hi Natti,

Nice blog. I got lillies recently, but no blooms from 3 weeks. Once the flower drops, do i need to prune them.