Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hibiscus Experience - Part 2

And now to introduce the queen of the balcony & the envy of my neighbours.
  Oh that was just a preview.

A little more. I guess you can create the picture in your mind.

She blooms once in three weeks or about once a month. It is a long wait, but when she does, you should see it to believe it. Well then see it.

The beauty is just captivating. I always spend a long time staring at this plant to cherish the structure of this flower. Her yellow petals with the color changing slow to white, pink and then red towards the center just makes me drool over this flower. The stamen is no less beautiful. It is so long and colorful and complements the rest of the flower so well.

 I wish I could find a way to make this plant bloom more often.
This is a hybrid variety of the hibiscus. These do not bloom as quickly as the regular once that I mentioned in my earlier post Hibiscus Experience - Part I. The flowers have thicker petals and they are larger in size. The structure of the leaves also vary from one hybrid variety to another. Next time, I will make a measurement of the flower diameter before I post a picture.

The best thing happened in the middle of Febrauary. I got two flowers at the same time. That was like hitting a jackpot. I would have gotten more but the pigeons got to the buds before they could bloom.

Well I also managed to capture this one at various stages. I wish I could have done more, especially during the bloom, but had to leave for work. By the time I was back home in the evening, the flower had reached full bloom and had started shrivelling back.

Am expecting the next bloom within the next couple of weeks.


Malathi said...

Is this hibiscus continuing to bloom? Mine had 3-4 lovely flowers and suddenly no bud, no flowers!

Natti said...

Yes. Infact it is blooming really well for the past couple of months. Almost 3 flowers a week. It has slowed down a bit now. Here are things that might help.
1. Add compost,
2. Add Rose Mix
3. Try changing its location if it is in a pot
4. Maybe the soil is too dry or solid underneath. Repotting into the same pot might help. This plant requires a pot which is about a foot to a foot and a half in height.
If you are having lot of foliage and no flowers, the pruning might help. But be careful, this takes long time to grow back
All these will take effect in about 2 weeks time except the pruning.
Hope this helps.

Malathi said...

Thanks for the prompt response. I added compost, but no response. I'll try rose mix. I had repotted this into a fairly large pot with a good mix of soil + cocopeat and then added compost as well. The pot is in nice bright my hopes are all on the rose mix now :)

Natti said...

Maybe the compost you are adding is Nitrogen rich and hence buds not showing up. If you are from Bangalore, you can get Biofarm compost at most supermarkets. That has a balanced Nitrogen and Phosphorus %. The plant's tendency is to be a little slow so it may take some time to see buds. Try pruning a little bit too. Very little. New shoots generally are good for buds.

Malathi said...

Hey, thanks for replying so patiently to my queries. Yes, I am from Bangalore and I did use the Bio Farm compost only...I picked it up from the people with disabilities nursery in jeevanbheema's not worked so well for me so far...all the leaves fell off and I am seeing new leaves sprouting now. I have another such hibiscus which does not bloom and I did prune that one, but no buds still. As you can see, patience is not exactly my virtue :)

Natti said...

One more suggestion. You can try Panchagavya and that might help.

Malathi said...

Yes, I've heard of's not that easily available, right? Would you know where I can get it from?

Natti said...

I get mine from the author of His contact details are listed in this link